1. Multilayer Soft Foils

  1. very good thermoformability,
  2. oxygen and water vapor barrier,
  3. high transparency, gloss,
  4. very good weldability,
  5. barrier to aromas.


2. Rigid Foils:

  1. A-PET,
  2. PET,
  3. PET-PE,
  5. and other.
Foil thickness:

Foil thickness range available from 250 mm for both shallow and deep thermoforming.


The packaging is to protect against external factors (eg moisture, light, temperature) that can change the product’s properties, against biological contamination and mechanical damage. In addition, the packaging should allow correct identification of the product.

The type of packaging and materials used must be chosen in such a way that they do not adversely affect the product through chemical reactions, leaching of packaging materials or absorption. The safety aspect must also be ensured in the other direction, i.e. the product can not have a negative impact on the packaging.

3. Laminates


Laminates are characterized by excellent transparency, gloss and mechanical strength (tear, puncture). They maintain a high barrier against water vapor and fragrances.

  1. antifog – protection against evaporation,
  2. easy-pell – easy opening.
  1. PA/PE,
  2. BOPA/PE,
  4. PET/PE,
  5. PET/PE with EVOH
  6. PET/PET met/PE
  7. BOPP/PE,
  8. BOPP/PE with EVOH.
Printing methods:
  1. mat,
  2. shiny,
  3. metallized,
  4. golden.

EVOH foils. An additional layer of EVOH in the foil improves the barrier of the packaging for oxygen and aromas. Material barrier means its ability to limit the permeability of vapors and gases. Compared to PA, which until recently was considered a high barrier polymer, EVOH copolymer permeability can be up to 100 times higher. Thus, the EVOH layer (1 micron only) in the packaging is decisive for better protection of the quality of products and for the extension of their shelf life.

4. Heat-shrink films


Shrink films with PET / PE / EVOH / PE structure are intended for vacuum packaging on flow vaccum machines. Good weldability and quick shrink time allow for efficient work during the packaging process.

  • high transparency,
  • good welding parameters,
  • quick time of contraction,
  • barrier to aromas
  • preservation of the aroma and freshness of packaged products
  • long shelf life of products (up to 180 days)
  • high flexibility and mechanical strength
  • maintaining a constant product weight throughout the storage period
  • high vapor barrier

For the packaging of non-smoked sausages with an extended shelf-life, such as:

  • sausages and sausage products in the form of emulsions: liver pate, luncheon meat, mortadella, ham, sirloin,
  • delicatessen products: brawn, blood sausage, jelly products,
  • products containing large amounts of water ingredients: soups, sauces,

5. Heat-shrink bags and PA/PE


Made in the PA/PE structure of multilayer film with a thickness of 70 to 150 micr. They are very flexible, transparent and gloss.


Bags intended for vacuum packaging with shrinkage parameters – 50%, thickness – 50 micr. and structure PET / PE / EVOH / PE.

  1. meats,
  2. smoked,
  3. ham,
  4. fresh meat,
  5. fish,
  6. unripe cheese.

They are characterised by very good transparency and high degree of heat-shrinking (up to 50%) available in colours.

6. VACUUM SKIN films


Skin films for vacuum packaging of low / medium profile products;

HION series – skin vacuum packaging film (VSP) TOP film for medium / low profile products

– High Barrier Skin Films

– Skin films types with high barrier properties

– Excellent sealing properties for various substrates (PE, PVC, PP, PET, PS)

– High gloss package, he effect of invisible skin on the packaged product

– Ideal for use in shallow dome machines, low welding temperature

– 75 μm, 90 μm, 100 μm, 125 μm, 145 μm thickness range

– Designed for use in relation to: fresh or cooked meat and poultry, sliced cold cuts


LION series – Skin vacuum packaging film (VSP) TOP film for medium / low profile products

– Breathable Skin Films

– Breathable foils

– Excellent sealing properties for various substrates (PE, PVC, PP, PET, PS)

– High gloss package, the effect of invisible skin on the packaged product

– Ideal for use on machines with less heat consumption (medium and low profile products)

– Thickness range: 150 μm, 200 μm, 230 μm (other thicknesses available on request)

– Intended for use on frozen products (fish and seafood)




7. Casings

Technical data

Polyamide, heat-shrinkable, five-layer casings manufactured on the basis of the highest quality raw materials by extrusion with biaxial orientation. They are characterized by high flexibility and high resistance to mechanical overloads during technological processing, enabling minimization of production waste. In refrigeration conditions, they ensure attractive appearance and freshness of the product and protect it against weight loss.


Vapor-water barrier minimizing weight loss during thermal treatment processes, very good oxygen barrier protecting the product against loss of original form and aroma for at least two months, specialized UV filters in the casing structure eliminating the phenomenon of frying discoloration during product storage in refrigerated counters, stable heat shrinkage within 10% smooth surface of the final product.


Information: The answer of our company to the growing market needs in terms of finding an alternative to cellulose is a casing that gives a new quality of smoking in polyamide. Due to its innovative structure and modern technological solutions, the product enables obtaining the desired aroma, taste and color of the finished product.


The processing properties of this casing are equal to cellulose, and its additional advantages are greater flexibility, barrier and strength during the filling process.

The casing ensures minimal weight loss during thermal processing, and its barrier characteristic for polyamide casings provides longer shelf-life of finished products than in the case of cellulose casings. It is produced in smoke or colours in the caliber range from 17 to 32 millimetres.

  1. moked sausages

The thermal processing of the product in the Polycel SM® casing is not complicated and consists of three short stages:

  1. drying,
  2. smoking with scalding,
  3. cooling.

8. Natural intestines

We invite you to familiarise yourself with our wide assortment that we have on sale. In our offer you will find pork, mutton and goat, as well as beef intestines, in a wide range of calibers and lengths. We offer quality classes: AA, A, AB, BC. The intestines are sold in 100-yard bunches (91.4 m) or other lengths on request. Number of tips in a bunch: standard 14-16, non-standard (long) 10-12.


Haccp Projekt: Details

Veterinary establishment number: 18 16 60 01 Details

9. Labels

We offer paper, thermal and foil labels. Labels are made of durable materials, the highest quality because we direct the offer to the food industry, where products are exposed to moisture, low and high temperatures and thus require increased resistance to external factors.

We accept orders for both white and color labels (self-adhesive labels). The offer includes decorative labels and labels pre-printed for further printing in thermal or thermal transfer printers.

A large selection of blanking dies allows us to adapt to the needs of all customers. We also have the possibility of making new blanks of any shape.

We prepare graphic designs of labels for individual customer needs. Experience and professionalism allow us to create graphic designs with high aesthetic value.

We produce labels in both small and high volumes. Our products are of the highest quality and at a reasonable price.

Labels on a roll

Labels with a printed logo or other information enabling further printing using a thermal or thermal transfer printer, other product information, eg weight, price, expiry date, etc.
Labels on the roll can also be ready for use on the product.

We print labels on the roll with flexography in a maximum of 8 colors, labels can be additionally refined: gilded or silver plated using the hotstamping or coldstamping method. All labels are protected with a layer of UV varnish. We use glossy or matt varnish depending on the client’s preferences.

Paper: depending on the needs we use thermal or ordinary paper for deep freezing, for use in cold stores or freezers.

Labels in sheets

Colorful labels, ready to be used on the product. Labels in sheets are not intended for printing in thermal printers.

Labels in sheets are printed with the offset technique, the labels can be additionally refined: gold-plated or silver-plated using the hotstamping method. All labels are protected with a layer of UV varnish. We use glossy or matt varnish depending on the client’s preferences.