MMultipack’s mission is to build a company with a significant position in the packaging industry operating in a professional and reliable manner, so that our clients will see us as reliable partners who provide the highest quality products.

We accomplish this through the design, production and sale of film in a manner that is safe for personnel, ecologically clean, consistent with the quality requirements of customers, safe for life and health and ecologically effective.

  • We improve the quality and development of products in accordance with the expectations of customers;
  • We work to reduce the environmental burden associated with the company’s operations, including limiting the amount of waste and the use of energy;
  • We follow a strict hygiene regime at the stage of production, storage and distribution;
  • We raise awareness, sense of responsibility, employee commitment in terms of quality, environment, work safety and food safety through training and healthy motivation;
  • We constantly set ourselves new challenges to become the best in our industry;
  • As a confirmation, we present you freshly obtained Isso and BRC certificates with the AA result.